Encourage Last-Minute Purchase with a Backdrop Banner Stand

Whether you are in food or retail business, point-of-purchase areas provide an opportunity for an extra boost in sales by encouraging customers to purchase last-minute items at the checkout counter of your business. Enticing your customers to add additional items before checking out is very simple if you have the proper signage. However, creating this can be challenging for some business owners especially if they have limited space in their business area.

Backdrop Banner Stand

You sure don’t want your client to feel like they are being attacked by aggressive marketing pitch when they are already in the process of buying one. But adding a backdrop banner stand in somewhere in your business is a not a bad idea to promote your business and help you increase your sales. The counter space next to the counter can be most of the times filled with the important displays hence the space could be limited. You can use backdrop banner stand to promote your other products without taking up too much space in the counter area. You can place it in a place very convenient where all the people can see.

Messages to attract customers’ attention

Can be as simple as “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” to “10% Off” in order to offer additional incentive for your store visitors to purchase additional items. Your goal should not be to make your customers feel they are obligated to buy from you because it might turn off your audience from taking advantage of the discounted or featured items. Don’t be too pushy or have your staff sales team to promote the items to your customer. Using a backdrop banner stand will surely send the message to the customers without making them feel forced to take it. You can also set up an additional table next to your backdrop banner stand to make it convenient for the customers to grab the item and pay it instantly instead of having to go through the long line in the counter.

Make your point-of-sale display more eye-catching by getting a good design or customizing your own in the bannerstandca website. Plenty of choices are available and you can instantly decorate and promote your business without taking up too much space in your area.

In our generation where social media plays an important role in advertising businesses, take advantage of this by creating a powerful and beautiful backdrop stand banner that is Instragram worthy. This way you can get the attentions of the Millennials to take a picture in your business and it is a good way to advertise your business for free. If your banners are unique and picture-ready, more customers will come to your place to have their pictures taken and at the same time purchase from you and once they upload it to various social media sites, expect your customers to overflow.

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